Молодёжная студенческая волонтёрская организация "Молодые - молодым" (Великий Новгород) действует при Новгородском Медицинском Колледже НовГУ с 1999-го года


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Molodie – Molodim (eng)

The Medical College of the Diversified College of the Novgorod State University named after Yaroslav the Wise

Molodie - Molodim Veliky Novgorod

“Molodie – Molodim” [Youth to Youth].

The participants of the volunteer movement are the students of the Medical College of the Diversified College of the Novgorod State University named after Yaroslav the Wise, engaged in marginal check of chemical dependency among youth. The volunteer campaigns are taken place in 1999. Ludmila V. Lubomirova is a founder and leader of the movement.

The medical students-volunteers explain to their peers that drug, alcohol and tobacco abuse create mechanism of chemical dependency, form vicious habits protection skills.

The movement “Molodie-molodim” works in the educational institutions of Veliky Novgorod and Novgorod region, they place their information in Internet, participate in joint campaigns with other youth organizations of Veliky Novgorod.

THE PROJECT «The school of volunteers».

During classes at the School of volunteers medical students-volunteers share their experience of work on marginal check of chemical dependency with the students of region colleges and volunteers of other regions. The school has been working since 2004. In 2011 four training seminars will take place in 4 sections of the program (marginal check of chemical dependency, nicotine dependency, drug dependency and HIV-infection). The specialists of the medical and prophylactic institutions of Veliky Novgorod take part in preparation for classes.

Audiences of the school receive informational materials and video disk with materials on conducting prophylactic work in their organizations. It includes the creative outputs of volunteer movement “Molodie-molodim”- video advertisements, slide-shows, and electronic presentations.

INTERACTIVE theatricalized performances.

This is the main activity of the movement “Molodie-molodim”. They try not only to explain their audience danger of chemical dependency but to give an opportunity to sense it, reflect emotions. Volunteers have their classes as interactive theatricalized performances using special scenarios. Simple and instructive everyday stories are performed before audiences, and volunteers involve them in events, offer to give their opinion, interfere in the characters lives.

Volunteer movement “Molodie-molodim” continues best traditions of Russian amateur theatre aim of art of which is educate and teach.

Молодые - молодым Великий Новгород

Molodie - Molodim Veliky Novgorod

Bez Zavisimosti Ru” [Without Dependence Ru]

Nowadays you can find “Molodie-molodim” in the Internet. There is information on volunteer activities, on dependency formation problems and ways of protection from it at the official web-site of the volunteer movement of the Medical college: www.bez-zavisimosti.ru. Creative outputs of volunteers and references of the campaign participants you can also find at the web-site mentioned above. Volunteer movement “Molodie-molodim” plans to organize the work of the Volunteer school on-line.

The PURPOSE of the program is:

  • To assist in formation of the daily healthy way of youngster’s life;
  • To set up an informational and psychological barrier against advocacy of psychoactive substance.

The main PRINCIPLES of volunteer work:

  • To release youth audience from psychological barrier;
  • To carry on a pillow talk on a frank subject;
  • To get reliable information;
  • To evoke affective evaluation of the topic discussed;
  • To give a positive mood for work on chemical dependency prophylaxis and affirmation of healthy style of life.

CONTACTS: The Medical College of the Diversified College of the Novgorod State University named after Yaroslav the Wise
Address: 9 Ustinova St., Veliky Novgorod, Russia
Tel./fax: +7-8162-73-92-09
e-mail: medcol@novsu.ac.ru
Ludmila V. Lubomirova, tel.: +7-911-638-76-28
e-mail: lubomirova13@yandex.ru